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Every iSkyBlock rank on iSkyify can be unlocked by completing in-game challenges listed below under requirements. When you meet the requirements for the challenge you will auto rank up!

Game Mode (1.9-1.12.2) 1.8 PVP


Experience a highly customized take on SkyBlock. Take claim to your own island an rise through the ranks to become the premier ranked player on the server. Drop into the DeadMines PVP zone to capture towers for money/EXP, mine ores and fight mini-bosses.


DeadMines PVP Zone

Unleash your best armory at the deadmines pvp zone located directly beneath spawn on SkyBlock. Capture and hold towers in the deadmines to get rewarded with money and EXP for every minute they remain in your control. Explore the caves beneath the deadmines to fight mini-bosses. 

Volcano Boss Battles

Locked away for ages and discovered by a crew of explorers during their adventure into the DeadMines of iSkyify. All who kept the egg in their possession met their timely demise soon after. The mythical Skeleton King egg lays dormant, waiting for its chance be freed by the beacon of the DeadMines volcano to rule the underworld once again.

Take ownership of the egg and fulfill your destiny. Bring a crew of at least three other warrior allies with your strongest armament and return to the deepest pits of the DeadMines Volcano. Place the egg on the beacon and face off against the Skeleton King.

The Skeleton King’s armor is said to contain some of the most powerful enchants in all of iSkyify. Will you face feast or famine?

Take your shot to claim the King’s treasure today and buy your boss egg. 


Nether Adventure

Raid the Nether for treasures and fight through other players trying to claim your earnings for themselves. Reset every 24 hours. Head to /spawn and use the nether portal, adventure awaits. 

iSkyify Sky Block Minecraft Server

Explore the world of iSkyify- A Minecraft server built by players who love Minecraft. Take your claim to a piece of block and rise through the ranks to become the premier player on the server.

Do you have what it takes? The server has a large community of player helpers to guide you on every step of your journey. Enjoy a friendly community built around events.

It all starts with the first block. What are you waiting for? Join us today and sign up to be a part of the forum.

  • Ranks - Climb through the ranks and enjoy awesome player benefits that are automatically given as you rank up.
  • Custom Enchants - Make the enchanted items you've always dreamed of to face any battle head-on in the Deadmines PVP zone.
  • DeadMines PVP - If you enjoy slaying masses of players in the largest battleground area you could imagine just drop into the DeadMines. Fight hordes and claim prizes from Treasure Hunts and fallen foes.
  • Treasure Hunt Loot Crate Drops - Earn the chance to find over 50x Loot crate drops every hour in the Deadmines PVP Zone. Hunt for Treasure that sspawns randomly throughout the world. Discover Hidden Hints that will give clues as to where treasures are located!
  • Top Island- Become the most player voted Island in all of iSkyify. Do you have the skills and strategy to become the most popular player on all of iSkyify?
  • Top Balance - Players are also ranked on the depth of their vaults. Horde your money, use your profit shops, maximize income and become the richest person in iSkyify.
  • 24/7 Staff - The largest global staff network of Moderators, Helpers, Devs, Admins here to make sure you're enjoying the richest experience any server has to offer 24/7
  • Custom Island Sizes - Never, ever, run out of space to build the island of your dreams. Upgrade to the maximum island size.
  • Balanced Economy - Don't want to settle in the vanilla build world? Explore our custom breathtaking terraformed worlds to find the perfect spot for your establishment
  • Grief Protection - Your island is yours to control. Lock your island or open it up to the world. No players can take, ruin, or destroy what you've built!
  • Shops - Can't find the resource your looking for? We have the most feature-rich /spawn shops as well as player shops that are sure to have what you need for the right price.
  • Diamond Starvation Prevention - The server automatically detects when a miner is having a streak of bad luck, then cleverly injects diamond ores just out of sight where they are sure to be discovered!
  • Island Menus - Control most aspects of your island with an easy-to-use item menu interface. Change your biome, lock your island, change your group permissions, visit the perk shop, and more!
  • Island Challenges - Complete challenges as your island develops and get rewarded.
  • Player Shops - Build a shop on your island to generate income. Visit other player-made shops to find special deals on in-game resources.
  • Co-Op System - Work alone, or invite your friends to work together on developing your island. (Up to 8 total players with a special island perk.)