Game Mode (1.7 - 1.12.2) 1.8 PVP


Experience a highly customized take on SkyBlock. Take claim to your own island an rise through the ranks to become the premier ranked player on the server. Drop into the DeadMines PVP zone to capture towers for money/EXP, mine ores and fight mini-bosses.

Game Mode (1.8) 1.8 PVP

Sky Kit PVP

Battle your way through the competition and collect coins for every kill. Unlock over 30+ custom kits with your new coins. Rise to the top of the leader board and increase your rank. How high of a kill streak can you get on Sky Kit PVP?

Game Mode (1.9-1.12.2) 1.8 PVP


LandFall Factions is a fast, hardcore, less grind more action PVP experience. Start with a fulled outfitted raiding kit to poke holes in any faction base right away. Upgrade your gear with tokens up to level 10 enchants. Head to the battlefield and claim OP envoy kits. 

Mini-Game (1.8-1.12.2) 

iBuild Battles

iBuildBattle is a building styled mini-game where players have to build to a specified theme for a certain time. Players can choose to play solo mode, or team mode to team up with other players or friends. When building time is over, all players will vote for the best build in the game. The player with most vote point is the winner!

Game Mode (1.9-1.12.2)

Creative Plots

Need to test out a build or unleash some creativity with friends? Claim your own creative plot and build in creative mode with world edit! Each plot is 150 x 150 blocks. Simply head to creative plots and type /p auto to automatically claim the next available plot.