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The server address (IP) is MC.iSkyify.com. We have step-by-step instructions on how to join here.
Discord is a chatting service. You can use Discord either in your browser, by the program, or even on your phone. Our server is setup into various chat rooms and voice rooms. If you do not have a microphone, the chatting areas are quite nice because they provide a recent chat history and link/picture embedding. If you haven't already, you will have to make an account before being allowed to join. To be able to use the text chat on our server you will have to verify your Discord email address; so make sure you do that. The server address (IP) is www.discord.me/iSkyify


The current staff ranks are:
  • HELPERS Answer questions from players, forward information from higher ups and alert moderators of rule breakers on servers.
  • MOD Moderators look out for rule breakers they see in-game, such as chat violators and hackers. They help keep the community under control, and keeping everyone in line chat wise. They are required to be active on our Discord server and forums.
  • ADMIN Admins of the server oversee staff members, community events and gameplay.
  • DEV Developers of the server are in charge of all elements of game development, bug fixes and new features.
The premium ranks are:
  • Nomad
  • Sky Warrior
  • Sky Paladin
  • Sky Champion
  • Sky Lord
  • Sky Titan
You may purchase premium ranks here.
  • We have a rank for media producers on iSkyify. The rank is called "YT" or "YouTube" in-game and gets the privileges of Sky Titan (and a few other permissions).
  • Requirements: 6,000 subscribers & 1,000 average video views At least one iSkyify video already posted Good player discipline history.
  • In order to keep the rank: Actively posting iSkyify videos Maintaining 1,000 average video views Act responsibly, maturely, and respectfully. Content is not botted or boosted.