The Skeleton King Boss Takes Over iSkyify

Locked away for ages and discovered by a crew of explorers during their adventure into the DeadMines of iSkyify. All who kept the egg in their possession met their timely demise soon after. The mythical Skeleton King egg lays dormant, waiting for its chance be freed by the beacon of the DeadMines volcano to rule the underworld once again.

Take ownership of the egg and fulfill your destiny. Bring a crew of at least three other warrior allies with your strongest armament and return to the deepest pits of the DeadMines Volcano. Place the egg on the beacon and face off against the Skeleton King.

The Skeleton King’s armor is said to contain some of the most powerful enchants in all of iSkyify. Will you face feast or famine?

Take your shot to claim the King’s treasure today and buy your boss egg. 

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