OP Pocket Pets – Collect em’ All!

Introducing the new OP Pocket Pets collection to iSkyify! 

Mix and Match any of the 10 Common, Special and Legendary Pocket Pets to get awesome in-game buffs like Speed and Saturation!

First it all starts with the Mystery Egg which you have to care for 10 minutes in your hot bar to hatch into your Pocket Pet. Each egg has a random chance to give you a pet for its tier – Common Mystery eggs, Special Mystery eggs, and Legendary mystery eggs.

Once hatched – keep your Pocket Pets in your inventory as you play to receive the buffs, which increase as your Pets gain more levels.

Trade in those old, unwanted spawners at the Shard Trader located at /spawn, and collect the shards to exchange for Eggs from the Pocket Pet Shop.

Can’t wait and need those pets now? Visit the store HERE


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