iSkyify Deadmines Run Custom Mini-Game

Just in time for Halloween, we are proud to present a never before seen custom mini-game you’ll only find on!

iSkyify Deadmines Run

Grab 5 other players who you trust with your life and slice your way through hordes of the undead across 7 stages. Fight custom bosses including the Juggernaut, Tanks, Zombie heads and more. Use custom shops to power-up your abilities and equip the latest weapons including turrets, rifles and more as you proceed through the stages.

If one of your teammates dies in battle quickly rush to revive them by clicking F. If everyone dies its game over, RIP.  How long will you survive? Or if it’s too much of a challenge just type /lobby to quit the game. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about your failure =D

This is just one of many custom features coming to iSkyify.

Note: when first joining the game you will need to accept the one time download of a resource pack that is needed to run the customized experience. As with all resource pack downloads, your screen will lock up for a brief moment until the pack is downloaded.


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