iSkyify Atlantis Factions Tournament IRL Giveaway

Season 1 of iSkyify Atlantis factions giveaway tournament is underway! Get started by joining with your faction.

How do you win?

  • The winners will be based off of which factions hold /f top 1st 2nd and 3rd place

How long does the season last for?

  • The season lasts two weeks – starting on 12/22/2017 and ending on 1/5/2017 winners will be announced during a live stream on iSkyify’s youtube channel

How does the payout work?

  • The winning faction’s leader will receive a paypal payment to do with as they see fit.

What is Atlantis?


  • Hacking of any kind will immediately disqualify you from the tournament and force a permanent ban from the server.
  • Mods that create an unfair advantage are banned from use
  • Staff may participate in the competition but follow the following rules: Absolutely NO staff abilities or commands can be used to give your faction any advantage. Staff must maintain an unbiased role when continuing to moderate behavior that breaks the rules of the server, that includes your friends and faction teammates.

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