Duels Added to iSkyify DeadMines Arena

Can you claim the title as the Duel Arena Champion? Challenge your friends (and mostly your enemies) to a fair, head-to-head fight in the Arena. Pick from any of the Rank Kits for your weapon of choice and unleash your fury in the Arena. Best part? The equipment you use is exactly what your opponent will have available. No more excuses. This all comes down to talent and timing.

Just type: /duel and pick your ranked kit of choice. Want to watch your friend during the duel and cheer him on? Type /spectate

Want to see the stats of the player you’re planning on challenging? just type /duel stats and if you’re absolutely terrified of facing off against anyone in the Arena just type /duel toggle to prevent receiving those pesky challenge requests from OP players.

This is just one of MANY new features coming to iSkyify – a SkyBlock server built by SkyBlock players for Skyblock Players. What are you waiting on? Claim that Duel Champion belt and play today on MC.iSkyify.com

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