Deadmines Tower Capture Mini-Game on iSkyify

The Deadmines PVP area just received a major new feature that will have you sharpening your OP sword and polishing your best armor. The Tower Capture mini-game has been added to the Deadmines PVP drop zone below spawn.

With 5 total towers available for you to capture and claim as yours. Each tower you hold pays out money by the minute. Ain’t it sweet to be the tower king?

Oh no, did someone take your tower? I don’t think so, not on my watch.

Contest the space and fight to the death until the true tower king remains to capture the tower. Capture all five points if you can and horde the Deadmines’ tower rewards for yourself. Just beware, each tower you capture is announced in the chat with plenty of envious warriors wanting to take whats yours.

This is just one of the many new features you’ll only find on iSkyify – what are you waiting for? Suite up and capture that tower now on

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